CraftyRiek came about through being made redundant and having more time to play around with my hobby. It helped that the redundancy process allowed me to do some re-training, and using PMC – precious metal clay – was the medium I chose to train in.

I only make one of everything, so once it has been sold, it has been sold. What I could do, however, is try to make you something that is similar. Because of the nature of the craft, no two items will be identical and even with earrings, this is the case. This is especially so when using organic matter like leaves – getting two that are exactly the same size is challenging! So, bear with the differences and appreciate that they are unique and hand made. I also make use of fresh water pearls, and here the same applies…they all differ and some have slight blemishes in, but the beauty and lustre make up for this.

Contact me if you have any ideas or queries and I will do my utmost to help and will be honest when I cannot produce what you might have requested.

I look forward to doing business with you!