CraftyRiek came about as the result of really enjoying doing beading and having a supply of items that was beginning to clutter up the house!  Redundancy suddenly afforded me all the time I needed to explore this new craft which meant, even more items taking up space!!

When I started doing beadwork, making jewellery was not what I had in mind.  I was having great fun stringing beads together into something that, I hoped, looked nice.  Soon I had quite a few bits lying around.  I was beginning to find that I preferred working with freshwater pearls as they are so beautiful and each one so individual!  It is their irregularity and individuality along with that gorgeous lustre that appeals to me.  Some are not perfect and for me, that is alright too.  I try not to use imperfect ones in items made for sale, but occasionally they do slip in. 

Recently I learnt to use precious metal clay and am now developing this skill and working out ways that I can combine this with pearls!

I do hope you find the photographs appealing and that you will be tempted into buying something, either for yourself or as a gift for someone special. 

My thanks to Michael Shimwell, who photographed most of the items for me. You can see more about Mike at

Thanks too, to Joe Pagan, who helped me with the website.